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Matt, Maria & Adan / Former tenants, Homebuyers

Greg & Kathie, we can’t thank you enough for all of your help over the last four years. Through the rental and into our first home purchase...we couldn’t have done it without you both. Thank you for being a HUGE part of our amazing 2018! We wish you nothing but the best going in to 2019! 

Richard & Susan Karr / Homeowners

In anticipation of relocating from Colorado to Arizona, we contacted Greg and solicited his assistance in identifying properties that fit our requirements and price range. Over the next few months, Greg emailed us listings, which helped us create a profile of the type of southwestern home that best suited what would be a change in lifestyle. Once the move was inevitable, we got together with Greg on a house-hunting trip and, utilizing the previously created profile, we were able to locate and purchase a house in three days. Greg's assistance was invaluable, not only with the purchase, but also with providing guidance in all aspects of the entire process. Greg is the consummate real estate agent and we would highly recommend him to any prospective home buyer.

Troy Newcomb / Tenant

I rented a house from Greg and his team. They are very professional and willing to help in every situation. I have dealt with sharks in the real estate market when it comes to rental homes. This was by far the best experience I have had. Thank you to Greg and his team.

Cheri Meyn / Homeowner, home concierge service client

I met Greg and Kathie through a mutual friend during a crisis at my home in Scottsdale. In the midst of a major remodel of my pool, hot tub and fountain, my contractor continued on a path of poor quality, cost overuns and missed deadlines. As an out-of-state homeowner, I was struggling to get the project complete. Greg immediately assessed the remodel and offered professional expertise and knowledge of a trade base that could pick up the job and follow it through to completion. He was truly a life-saver!

Since that experience, I am now using Valley of the Sun for my home and pool management services. Greg and Kathie have been professional, timely and are two wonderful people. I highly recommend them!

Tim and Julie Vietmeier / Homeowners and Owners, Eastside Sales & Leasing, Inc.

I am writing to give our highest recommendation to Greg and Kathie [at Valley of the Sun Estates & Properties, Inc.]. Being an out-of-state owner, we had certain concerns but their performance has been a true blessing and comfort to know that they have our best interest at heart.

The experience in working with them during all aspects of owning a second home while so far away has been joyful. Greg has helped us with getting the right contractors for our home improvements, both indoors and outdoors.

We also had a home to sell in a very remote location in Arizona, which Greg listed for us and sold in a timely manner. The experience at each phase of the sales effort was superior to no other agents we had worked with in the past. All of the tasks, whether business-related or interpersonal, were accomplished with a noticeable degree of competence, humility, integrity and grace.

Based on our experience with selling and buying several homes in the past, Greg has been the best real estate agent by far.

Therefore, we would recommend [Valley of the Sun Estates & Properties, Inc.] to anyone looking to have their home looked after while they are away. There is none better then this team!! 

Once again, thanks for a job well done!

Richard and Lorelei / Homeowners, Home Concierge service clients

We have been using Valley of the Sun [Estates & Properties, Inc.] for six years. Living far away from our dream vacation property in Scottsdale gave us cause for concern regarding the upkeep and maintenance. The Team at Valley of the Sun has taken that concern away from us from day one. They are very attentive, friendly and treat our home as if it were theirs. Whenever a major project is executed, they handle it all from start to finish and find us the best supplier at competitive prices.

However, the real test of any service is how “unusual or crisis” situations are handled. We had one last year [in 2014] with the torrential rains. The Valley of the Sun Team was on the site within minutes of being called. The integrity of our home was safeguarded and we are very thankful.

Rob and Sabine Trammell / Homeowners

We have known and worked with Greg and Kathie Tanner for a number of years. They assist us with all aspects of our real estate needs in Arizona. In addition to expertly managing our property, they are always available to provide advice or analysis related to real estate opportunities.

As we live outside of Arizona, it is extremely important to us that our property managers treat our property as their own. Whether the issue is late rent, letters from HOAs, or necessary repairs, Greg and Kathie always respond quickly, efficiently, and with the utmost professionalism.
We have the utmost confidence that our property is in good hands and would not hesitate in recommending their services to others.

Karen Brown / Tenant

Thank you for being so easy to work with as property managers. I have heard horror stories of property managers from people that rent, but that truly has not been our experience with you guys.  

Eshe N. Pickett / Tenant

I was a tenant with Valley of the Sun [Estates & Properties, Inc.] for three years and in that time, I was well taken care of! It was really nice to work with a family-owned and -operated company. Greg, Shawna and Kathie were always extremely professional and helpful. They were responsive to requests within 24 hours and always followed through on promised commitments.

While I was away on vacation, the unit above mine sprung a leak, causing extensive water damage to the kitchen. Greg worked with the insurance companies to schedule and manage the completion of all necessary repairs in a timely fashion. I was relieved to have a property management team that was so hands-on and that made sure to keep me informed throughout the process.

I always had peace of mind knowing that I could trust the team at Valley of the Sun [Estates & Properties, Inc.] to keep things running smoothly and would strongly recommend them whether you are looking for a company to manage your property or need a place to lease. Should you choose Valley of the sun, you will be in good hands!


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